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Add AddPrefixes method on Encoder.

parent 3b38dadc
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ import (
......@@ -317,6 +318,36 @@ type printer struct {
xmlDeclaration bool
// Addes the prefix -> namespace mappings in the supplied map.
// Required prefixes will be generated automatically, but supplying your own
// mapping allows you to:
// * Provide preferred prefixes for namespaces
// * Declare prefixes higher in the document tree, reducing repeated declarations.
// * Namespace declarations needed for element or attribute values (such as
// QNames or XPath expressions), although Unmarshallers for such types should
// use GetPrefix in order to avoid possible prefix clashes.
// Returns an error if a prefix already exists for the supplied namespace, or
// if the a prefix is already declared. These are not technically XML errors,
// and this restriction may be removed in the future.
// Note that all elements currently use the default namespace, so this mapping
// will not result in elements using these prefixes.
func (e *Encoder) AddPrefixes(m map[string]string) error {
for prefix, ns := range m {
if _, prefixExists := e.p.attrNS[prefix]; prefixExists {
return errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("Prefix '%s' is already declared", prefix))
if _, namespaceExists := e.p.attrPrefix[ns]; namespaceExists {
return errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("Namespace '%s' is already declared", ns))
e.p.addPrefix(prefix, ns)
return nil
// Returns a prefix for the specified namespace, defining a new one if
// necessary. Any new prefixes will be serialised on the next start element
// token to be encoded.
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