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Change log for iftop

Attributions apply to all preceding items up to the next blank line.
Unattributed items are by Paul Warren and Chris Lightfoot.


* Remove blinking cursor from UI
    Gerrit Renker <>

* Treat multicast packets as incoming, rather than incoming (IPv4) or not at
  all (IPv6).
    Andreas Schwab <>

* Minor fixes to the man page
* Man page documentation of -t mode.
* Compile time warning fixes.
    Markus Koschany <>

* Added text output mode (-t option)
    Roman Hoog Antink <> (originally by Patrik Bless)

* Fix for memory leak when DNS resolution is turned off
    Olivier Allard-Jacquin <>

* Various typos in the UI
    Gerben Roest <>

* Documentation fixes
    A. Costa <> (via Debian)

* Fix for armeb specific bug
    Lennert Buytenhek <> (via Debian)

* Fix frozen order drives line totals crazy.
    Max Alekseyev <> (via Debian)

* Fix for crash on arm.
    Joey Hess <> (via Debian)

* Fixed behaviour of "-b" option.
    Eric Cooper <> (via Debian)

* Support for PFLOG Interfaces
    Richard Tóth <>

* Support for IPv6
* Fix for performance issue with address hashing
* Fix for failing link address detection for GNU/kfreebsd
* Multiple portability fixes
    Mats Erik Andersson <>

* Improved behaviour of sort in sent/recv only mode
    Damián Viano <>

* FreeBSD compilation fix 
* IPv6 reverse resolution
    Frédéric Perrin <>

* Improved IPv6 code (removed s6_addr32 dependency)
* Fixed support for DLT_NULL
    Scott Bertilson <>

* Typo in usage message
* Workaround for PuTTY issue (
* Updates to licence text (change in FSF address)
* Avoid an assertion failure if an "invalid" (as in outside of IPv4 or IPv6)
  address family is encountered (Red Hat bugs #839750, #847124, #868065, #961236
  and #1007434)
* enable building iftop with more recent versions of autoconf/automake
* patch to remove compile time warnings
* Fix to avoid system call in text mode wherever possible.
    Robert Scheck <>

* Attempt to detect if interface is actually up when doing autodetection.
* Fixed segfault when selecting interfaces with empty MAC address (e.g. gprs
  interface on Nokia N900)
    Graham Inggs <>

* Avoid autodetecting wmaster interfaces
* Experimental support for IEEE802_11 radiotap interfaces (DLT 127)
* Fixed segfault / hang when supplying multiple -i options
* Added missing docs for -m option.

0.17 12/02/06
* Display top scale in bytes when measuring in bytes
    Marcin Kryczek <>

* Added support for ppp interfaces on FreeBSD (and others using DLT_PPP)

* Fixed segfault bug in config file handling.
* Fixes to man page
    William Robinet <>

* Fix for hash table memory handling bug (caused segfaults on Mac OS X)
* Header fixes for Mac OS X
    Ken McLeod <>

* Fixes for compile time errors apparent on Mac OS 10.4.3
    Georg Schwarz <>

* Improvements to configure to support cross-compilation
* Addition of "NO_SYSTEM" compiler flag to prevent subshell execution
    Tim Freeman <>

* Fix to get hardware address on FreeBSD and OpenBSD
    Nicolas Bernard <>

* Added 802.1q VLAN support
    Jacek Konieczny <>

0.16 28/02/04
* Added support for DLT_NULL
* Fix for pthread.c behaviour on Solaris.

* Build fixes for gcc 3.4+
    Henne Vogelsang <>

* Fixed behaviour of -n and -N options
    Klaus Sperner <>

0.15 10/11/03
* Added linear bar scales (default) ("L")
* Added fixed upper limit for bandwidth
* Choose which average bars display ("B")
* Renamed some buttons and command line options
* Added config file support
* Added command line to turn of port resolution ("-N")

* Fixed the search for libpcap in the configure script
    Thomas Schwinge <>

* Updated RPM spec file
    Richard Lucassen <>

0.14 06/09/03
* Added forking resolver as fall-back resolver
* Fixed DNS resolution so that no lookups are done if options.dns_resolution ==
* Configure/compilation fixes for Mac OS X 

* MacOS interfaces to avoid by default
    Siri Dhyan Singh <>

0.13 11/06/03

* Fixed to properly specify libraries without the leading -l
* Separated the IP/ethernet identifying routine from iftop.c into addrs_ioctl.c
* Added addrs_dlpi.c, dlcommon.c, dlcommon.h to support the STREAMS DataLink
  Programming Interface on Solaris
* Hacked options.h, options.c, iftop.c to enable promiscuous_but_choosy mode
  which runs the interface in promiscuous mode but filters out non-broadcast
  packets not addressed to or from the interface
* Added NEWS, AUTHORS, ChangeLog
* Improved interface auto-detect logic in iftop.c
* Fixed to not overload prefix in the pcap test section
    Jonathan Abbey <>

* Made errors during IP/MAC address discovery non-fatal
* Added cummulative line totals ("T")

0.12 21/05/03

* Added 1-line display options ("t")
* Added display scrolling ("j", "k")
* Fixed code for obtaining hardware address (on Linux at least)
* Added IP-based direction assignment

0.11 08/01/03

* Added support for token ring networks
* Token ring network direction determination
    Martin Garton <Martin.Garton@DCSTRANS.COM>

* Added autoconf/automake build system
* Improved network interface auto selection

0.10 29/10/02

* User selectable sort criteria
* On-the-fly filter code changes
* Shell escape
* Alternative resolver back-ends
* Improved totals display
* Added regexp based screen filtering 
* Fixed pause functionality
* Change option names to be more like tcpdump

0.9 22/10/02

* Now works on FreeBSD
* Added service resolution toggle ("R")
* Added on-line help ("h")
* More fixes to rate display
* Improved interface selection (excludes lo:* and vmnet*)
* Added bandwidth-in-bytes option.

0.8 17/10/02

* Added support for displaying port numbers
* Minor fixes to rate display
* Minor fix to netmask handling (specifying /32 was broken)

* Updated RPM spec file 
    Iain Lea <>

* Added pause functionality (P)
* Changed behaviour of source/dest traffic aggregation

0.7 02/10/02

* Fixed missing sll.h file.

0.6 28/08/02

* Fixed segfault bug affecting some systems

* Added support for Linux cooked sockets
      Michael Bergbauer <>

0.5 26/08/02

* Added support for monitoring PPP interfaces
* Converted longs to double longs in various places to avoid overflow problems
* Minor bug fixes (usage messages, exit on error)
* Improved selection of default interface when none specified

0.4 16/04/02

* No code changes

* Added RPM spec file
      Riku Meskanen <>

* Fixes to "make install"
      Steve Baker <>

0.3 13/04/02

* Fixed segfault bug.
* Added src/dest aggregation.

0.2 02/04/02

* Added -n option to analyse traffic flows across a network boundary.
* Added cumulative traffic totals.
* Graphs now optional.
* UI more responsive to key presses.
* Auto-sizing bar graph scale.

0.1 29/3/02

* First release.