Commit 014c6e62 authored by Paul Warren's avatar Paul Warren

Remove pre-release warning.

parent 3a4a63c3
Pipeline #66 skipped
......@@ -442,23 +442,3 @@ AC_SUBST(ac_aux_dir)
AC_OUTPUT(Makefile config/Makefile)
if echo $PACKAGE_VERSION | grep 'pre' > /dev/null ; then
This is a pre-release version. Pre-releases are subject to limited
announcements, and therefore limited circulation, as a means of testing
the more widely circulated final releases.
Please do not be surprised if this release is broken, and if it is broken, do
not assume that someone else has spotted it. Instead, please drop a note on
the mailing list, or a brief email to me on
Thank you for taking the time to be the testing phase of this development
Paul Warren
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