Commit 25c75c0a authored by Paul Warren's avatar Paul Warren

Delete known issues related to very old distributions from README.

parent dc26689a
......@@ -7,23 +7,6 @@ iftop must be run as root.
RedHat 7.2:
There is a bug in the version of ncurses distibuted with RedHat 7.2 that
will cause iftop to segfault. The RPM in RedHat's Rawhide distribution
fixes this.
Slackware 8.1:
You may need to upgrade your libpcap (by updating the tcpdump package)
in order to compile iftop.
FreeBSD 4.7:
This version of FreeBSD lacks a proper gethostbyaddr_r function. You should
choose an alternative name resolution technique using the --with-resolver=...
option to configure.
On Solaris, iftop has to run in promiscuous mode in order to capture
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